Lack of practice shows in trap shooting

August 23, 2021 // 0 Comments

There was a time when I could hit 25 out of 25 clays in a round of trap. But that was when I was shooting every week, and sometimes several times a week. Round after round, [...]

My youngest will soon be outshooting me

August 12, 2021 // 0 Comments

My son Logan has always been sort of a natural with firearms. The first time he shot a .22, he nailed more targets than he missed. Granted, they weren’t especially small [...]

Facebook is just … creepy

May 3, 2018 // 0 Comments

I’ve made no secret on this radio show about my frustrations at the trap range. Just when I start to think I might be finally getting the hang of it, I step up to the line [...]
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