Thank a vet, then go hunting

If you’re lucky enough to have today off for Veterans’ Day, don’t waste it. Get out and do something. There’s certainly plenty to do.

Some folks get today off for Veterans’ Day, and I think it’s a state law that you have to do two things. First off, thank a vet. Whether it’s someone who served decades ago or one of the kids fighting for us right now, tell ‘em thanks for all you have today. And you don’t have to stop at one. Thank a whole passel of veterans, if you can.

Then go huntin’. That’s the other required activity on Veterans’ Day. If you’re stuck at work today, let your employer know that he or she is violating State Law eight-two-zero-zero-niner dash ten-four-q. Just make up some number, but make sure you get that “niner” in there. It sounds a whole lot more official.

There’s all sorts of stuff open right now, so don’t waste this day off. If the kids are free, take ‘em out after rabbits. Or go after a few ducks and geese, depending on where you like to hunt.

There are still quite a few deer areas open, and there are a few places to go for elk and antelope.

And wild turkeys are fair game to hunters in all the areas. Chukars, huns, and blue, ruffed and sharp-tailed grouse are also open. But November is the month for long-tailed goony-bird hunting. And Veterans’ Day is the perfect day for it.

Depending on where you go, it might be tough to find a place where other hunters aren’t already working. But there’s a lot of space in Wyoming, and there are a fair number of birds out there. A lot of them have been stocked, and most of those pen-raised birds won’t make it through the winter. So it’s up to you to prevent them from dying a horrible death out there in the snow.

So abide by State Law eight-six-niner-b-seven dash Tango Bravo. Or whatever the heck it is. Get out and go hunting today. Just make sure to leave yourself some time to say thanks to a vet.

I’ll say it now. To anyone who has ever worn the uniform, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.