The dog is easier to shop for than the wife

While you’re out there elbowing other shoppers out of your way to grab that perfect gift for a loved one, don’t forget to visit the dog aisle of your favorite sporting goods store. Make sure you have something for Fido under the tree.

I’m a terrible gift shopper. Every once in a while, when I’m forced to go into a store looking for something I need for a project I’m working on, I’ll see something and think, “hey, that would be a great present for my wife for Christmas,” even if it’s the middle of July when I see it. But I always decide I’ll probably find something better, or I can remember what it was in December, and I put off buying it when I see it.

Now it’s December, and I remember seeing several things that would be perfect gifts for Amy, but I’ll be danged if I can remember what they were. And even if I did remember, chances are some other, better husband probably already snatched it up for his own wife. I hate that guy.

So with the pressure to find the perfect gift for my wife constantly on my mind from about Dec. 1 though Christmas Eve, gifts for everyone else in my life get forgotten. Luckily, Amy always drags me to the stores at least one weekend in December and gives me parameters for things to look for that we can give the kids, the cousins, our sisters and parents, and other people I am vaguely aware of. I just wish she would point to something while we’re shopping and say, “hey, that would be a perfect gift for your wife – get it in a Small.” I mean, she does that for gifts for everyone else – it would just make sense to point out things for herself, too.

But there’s one gift recipient I always manage to find a few presents for – my dog. Thankfully, she’s really easy to shop for. As long as it’s good to chew on and tastes like chicken, I’m a hero in her eyes.

I just wish shopping for the wife were even half that easy.