The Moat has returned … with a vengeance

With the warmer temperatures after several pretty hefty snowfalls, we no longer have a snow-covered driveway. It’s the time of year that it becomes a moat again.

Between snowstorms, when the weather gets warmer, it creates some problems around our place. We have a mile-long driveway without a lick of gravel on it, and it’s worn down below the fencelines on either side. The snow piles up in what passes for ditches to the left and right, and that’s fine while it’s cold out. But when it starts to heat up, all that snow gets a little more liquidy.

If our driveway circled our property, it would be a perfect moat. But since you really can’t get to our house from any direction other than the driveway, I guess it still works as one. However, I’ve never seen a moat that went the same direction as the road over it. Usually it’s perpendicular, which makes having a drawbridge a whole lot easier.

My wife won’t let me have a mile-long drawbridge, so I have to figure out another way to get up and down the drive. If it gets bad enough, I might have to break out my boat.

I’d be OK with that. I haven’t had a chance to use the boat since I got it, and I’m dying to get it in the water. And if this water doesn’t go away anytime soon, I think I’m going to look into what it’d take to stock it with some nice, fat cutthroats.

I say all this a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I might actually have to use the boat before long. We still have a heck of a lot of snow out there, and there’s already almost too much water to drive through. If we get a strong February thaw, it could easily be deep enough for the boat but too deep for the truck.

Granted, I’ll have to drain the boat first, though. I don’t have a cover for it, and like a rookie boat owner, I left the drain plug in last fall. I checked it yesterday, and that sucker’s a swimming pool right now. Welcome to winter in Wyoming!