The Potential is There for the Cowboys to be an Explosive Offense

photo courtesy of UW Athletics Department

by Keith Kelley–31 Aug ’21

It’s a word that scares coaches, but the Wyoming Cowboys have the “potential” to be really good on offense. The Wyoming offensive line appears to be stacked, with a lot of depth and a lot of experience. The wide receivers seem to have that big play potential. Wyoming may have the deepest running back room in the Mountain West Conference. And the Pokes will have a quarterback that is 9-3 as a starter, and a very capable backup. First-year offensive coordinator Tim Polasek says all signs point to a potentially explosive offense.

“There’s enough players, there’s enough talent, we’ve got a good enough plan to be really good,” said Polasek. “What excites me the most is just seeing if we can go out there and be a group that can take all of these parts that are really potential-based, and see if we can’t execute. I think the group of front gives us a chance, the quarterbacks have played well, there’s enough skill on the perimeter, and we really like our running back and tight end group.”

Head coach Craig Bohl says that losing a coach like Brent Vigen was tough, but he’s excited to see where this offense is headed, starting on Saturday.

“It’s an opportunity for Tim (Polasek) to put his fingerprints on this offense,” according to Bohl. “There are some differences, but it’s not going to look drastically different from the vantage point from the stands. Our players have really bought into what we are doing offensively. It’s going to be important that we execute and play really fast on Saturday.”

Wyoming will host Montana State Saturday afternoon at 2 pm at War Memorial Stadium.

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