There ARE fur buyers in Wyoming

Last week, when I was talking about predator hunting and keeping the furs to sell to fur buyers, I said we don’t have any fur buyers in Wyoming. It turns out we do. So keep your coyote furs. They’re easier to sell than I previously thought.

After I told you last week I didn’t think there were any fur buyers in Wyoming, I was corrected. There are some fur buyers here, so if you get some furs this winter, you should be able to find a buyer for them fairly easily.

Bradley Netz runs Netz Furs, that’s Netz with a “Z,” rather than an “S,” out of the Douglas and Lusk area, and he’ll come to you if you have enough furs to make the trip. He says for smaller loads, he will often meet people halfway. You can reach Netz Furs at 307-351-2610.

Bradley said especially for coyotes, he recommends cutting the legs just below the elbow, then hanging the coyote overnight and freezing it. Alternately, you can skin the coyote, hang the skin head down to cool, then roll it head-to-tail and freeze it. If you’re good with a skinning blade, you can finish the skin completely, too.

Out of the Aladdin area is Colt Furs. Colt Violet and Blake Coffman also will come to you – and they have their schedule for their fur-buying route posted on their website at They also buy furs of all kinds, from carcasses to finished furs. You can reach Colt at 701-388-5323 or Blake at 320-815-5233.

There are a lot of coyotes out there this year, and that’s the good news. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding ‘yotes if you get out into the field this winter. The bad news is that the abundance of coyotes means the value is down from what it’s been in previous years. Prices are probably about 10 to 30 percent below what they were last year.

But at least it should be easier to sell your furs than it’s been in the past, with Netz Furs and Colt Furs operating out of Wyoming.

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