There are tons of great stocking stuffers waiting to be stuffed

Hopefully you have all your big gifts bought and wrapped. But if you’re like me, you’ve probably forgotten all about the stocking stuffers. Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas at your local sporting goods store.

Whether you have an outdoors lover on your shopping list or not, there are plenty of great stocking stuffers lurking on the shelves at your nearest sporting goods store.

If the stocking you’re trying to stuff belongs to a hunter or angler, all the better. For instance, everybody could use a tiny Leatherman pocket multi-tool. There are two really good ones to choose from. The Squirt PS4 has pliers for the main tool, and it also has a flathead screwdriver, a Philips driver, a file, and scissors, in addition to the obligatory knife blade. It’s also small enough to attach to a key chain or drop in a pocket. The Micra is similar, and maybe even a bit smaller. It has scissors for the main tool, though, and no pliers. The Squirt is around $35, and the Micra is about $30.

Flashlights are always good stocking stuffers, too. The new LED models throw more light than their older cousins, and their batteries should last longer. The Nebo Redline flashlight is about $30, and it’s a great little compact light. I think I have five or six of them stashed around the house and truck, and I always have one in my coat pocket.

For the person on your list with a warm heart, and the cold hands that come with it, consider the Zippo Hand Warmer. This little gadget is similar to the chemical warmers you shake to activate, but the Zippo model generates a whole lot more heat. It’s around $20 to $30, depending on the model you find.

The point is, you don’t have to be shopping for an outdoorsperson to have an excuse to visit your local sporting goods store. Shop local, and maybe pick up a stocking stuffer for yourself while you’re there.