Through Tragedy, He’s Become a Stronger Person

Sept 3, 2022; Laramie, WY, USA; Wyoming Cowboys running back D.Q. James (7) against the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes at War Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-UW Media-Athletics

by Keith Kelley–7 Sep ’22

Wyoming redshirt freshman running back D.Q. James has been through a lot the last few years. James’ brother was shot and killed, while D.Q. was in high school. James also lost a close friend, and teammate, and Wyoming signee–Tony Evans, Jr.–who was also shot and killed in another senseless tragedy. That’s enough to send anyone into an emotional spiral. But James says, through those losses, he’s become a stronger person, using it as motivation to go through life and football.

“Everyday,” exclaimed James! “Sometimes football does get hard, and sometimes you want to quit, or something like that, but then you’ve got to think about stuff that you have been through and stuff that is coming. Because one thing I do know is that God is going to test you before he blesses you. With that being said, you just keep your head up and keep going, and at the end of the day, it’s going to be alright. The storm isn’t going to last forever.”

James had his first meaningful action last Saturday, in Wyoming’s double overtime win over Tulsa. James touched the ball four times–two carries and two receptions–and had 43 yards. On why he chose Wyoming, James says a lot of factors went into the decision.

“It was close to nature, and stuff like that, because my major at first was veterinary, because I like a lot of animals and stuff like that,” said James. “When I did my zoom visit, they (the coaches) showed me so much love and so much care. They made me feel safe. Also, my friend, Tony Evans, Jr, he also got me to come to Wyoming as well.”

Evans never made it to Laramie, but James is hoping to be a fixture in that Wyoming offense. The Cowboys host Northern Colorado Saturday afternoon at 2 pm.