Time goes slowly when you’re ready to hunt

I’m ready to hunt this year. It’s been too long since I got out for an extended hunt. Day hunts are great, but they don’t compare to a week or more out in the wilds.

I’ve never been the kind of hunter who can get an elk on a one-day hunt. I know there are guys out there who just drive up to the woods, hop out of their truck, walk a mile or so into the timber, and haul an elk back out. But that’s not me.

Even a weekend hunt isn’t enough for me. I’ve taken a few deer on a day hunt or a weekend trip, but I’ve done a lot better when I’ve spent four or more days out in the woods. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to hunt this year. I have seven full days to hunt. I’m ready.

I’ve got my elk and deer licenses, and I might pick up a bear license just in case I get that lucky. I don’t expect to actually see a bear, even though where I’m going, there are plenty of black bears around. They’re pretty wary, and since I’ll be primarily looking for elk and deer, chances are incredibly slim that I’ll come across a bear.

I’ve been practicing with my bow every night, and I finally got a new release this year. My old release had a few issues, and I’ve missed a couple of opportunities because it wouldn’t get a grip on my bowstring. This new one should take that out of the equation, so all I’ll have to contend with is my own ineptitude.

My new camo gear is here, and it’s as incredible as I hoped it would be. It’s KUIU Verde camo, and unlike the patterns made for the swamps and forests of the southeast, this stuff will actually break up my outline in the Wyoming wilderness.

I have my maps, I’m practiced up with my bugle, and my arrows all have brand-new fletching. Time to go huntin— What? I still have a week before I can go? Man, this is going to be a loooooong week.