Treasurer seeks White House support

Meier 5-16-19

Wyoming State Treasurer Curtis E. Meier on Tuesday sent letters to President Donald J. Trump and other key officials asking them to advance “stable and secure” domestic uranium mining.

     “Wyoming is home to the largest uranium mining operations in the United States,” Meier stated in the letters. “This industry is vital for the nation and for the economic well-being of our communities.”

     Meier noted, however, that the number of Wyomingites employed by the uranium industry today is less than half of the number employed in 2013. Meier said helping Wyoming’s uranium companies to continue their operations is important to the state and the nation as a whole.

     Pending final numbers, it is believed that domestic uranium producers supplied less than 2 percent of the needs of all U.S. power plants in 2018. Additionally, international treaties mandate that U.S. nuclear ships and submarines must be powered by domestic uranium.

     “If there were not enough U.S. plants to handle the needed supply, the result will be a profound and direct threat to our national security,” Meier said.

     “The uranium mining industry in Wyoming welcomes the opportunity to compete in a fair global marketplace. In fact, the industry would flourish in an open market committed to worker safety and environmental safeguards.”

     In addition to President Trump, letters were sent to Dr. Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and Ambassador John R. Bolton, National Security Advisor. The President has 90 days to act and offer recommendations on a report submitted April 15 by the Department of Commerce that outlines the effects of uranium imports on national security.