Use this time to get your outdoor chores done

Waiting ‘til the last minute to get things done at home can get you in trouble with your better half, and your boss won’t be impressed if you slap a project together the day before a deadline. Procrastinating on outdoors chores isn’t a good idea, either.

If you’re stuck at home because of this coronavirus pandemic, don’t wait to do the things you’ll need to do to enjoy the summer. There are some challenges involved this year, with all the health recommendations. You might have to do a lot of your shopping online, so get started early in case you run into problems figuring out the online checkout systems or have to wait for stuff to get sent to you.

You can get your fishing license and conservation stamp online, and a digital copy of licenses that don’t require a carcass coupon is acceptable in the field. Get those licenses and stamps now, while you’re thinking about it. Standing on the riverbank, watching a guy in a red shirt and green vest coming your way is a bad time to realize you don’t have the required paperwork.

Pull the tent out of the garage and set it up in your back yard. Use the spring storms to make sure your portable home still sheds water. You don’t want to be ten miles deep in the wilderness when you find out your tent lets more water in than it keeps out. If you find some leaky spots, slap some waterproofer on them now, when you can leave the tent up long enough to dry.

Strip your fishing gear down and oil your reels. Replace the line that’s been wound around the spools since the Reagan administration, unless you enjoy telling stories about the one that got away.

Use this time productively. Get everything ready for your upcoming outdoors adventures now. Don’t wait until the night before you plan to leave town to make sure everything works the way it should.