Video – 100+ winds hitting Wyoming

Power winds hammering Wyoming, see DayWeather Video Update for more information:

High winds will be the main concern through the entire state of Wyoming today as a cold front and weather system move through the region.  Gusts between 60 and 75 mph will be common through the early afternoon hours, with even higher gusts possible.  For the rest of the day, expect wind gusts between 50 and 65 mph.  By later this evening and tonight, winds will continue to lessen, but gusts between 35 and 50 mph will continue to be likely at times.  We will also see increasing clouds, colder than normal temperatures, and light to scattered snow showers today.  The combination of light to scattered snow showers, high winds, and blowing snow could reduce visibility and cause roadways to become slick and icy.  Daytime highs will remain in the 30’s and 40’s, while lows will drop into the teens and 20’s.  We will then be in between weather systems during the day on Thursday.  Winds will remain strong statewide through the morning hours and will then lessen during the afternoon hours.  We can also expect partly to mostly sunny skies with cold and below normal temperatures.  By Thursday night and Friday, light snow showers will redevelop statewide.  High winds will also return to southern portions of the state.