WDOT Asking Motorists To Be Cautious Around Snowplows


AP 1.11.18
RIVERTON, Wyo. (AP) – The Wyoming Department of Transportation is asking motorists exercise caution and patience around snow plows after plow drivers reported seeing risky driving behaviors this winter.

The Ranger reported Wednesday that plow drivers say motorists are passing the transportation department’s new tow plow in Fremont County in central Wyoming, passing other trucks and tailgating.

District Maintenance Engineer Lyle Lamb recommends motorists keep a safe distance from operating snow plows while they are spreading sand and anti-icing and de-icing chemicals on the roads.

Passing a snowplow is strongly discouraged.

Plows usually pull over to allow other vehicles to proceed.

Lamb recommends staying behind the plow and if drivers must pass, he advises they avoid passing the plow from the right and exercise caution as particles stirred up by the plow can obstruct drivers’ view.