Welcome, 2021. We’re very happy to see you.

Maybe part of the reason 2020 was such a Dumpster fire was that we didn’t properly welcome it. Show it a warm reception. I plan to do my part to make sure we don’t make that mistake again.

I’m using the show today to formally welcome 2021. So here goes.

Hello, 2021, and welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Extremely glad you’re here, to tell you the truth.

Let us show you around a bit. Out here is where we keep our Wyoming beauty. Everywhere you go in Wyoming, if you’re outside, you’ll see the splendor of Nature. All our wild spaces are different, and each has its own different kind of beauty. It’s easy to see that beauty in the Tetons or the Wyoming Range, and you have to look a little closer to see it out on the high plains. But it’s there. And we like it that way.

Those beautiful places are at the heart of some arguments now and then, though. While you’re here, you might notice that different groups of people sometimes yell and scream, even call each other hurtful names, when they fight over these pretty places. The crazy thing is, sometimes they want the same thing, and they’re just squabbling over how to get there. Other times, what one group wants will destroy those beautiful places, or make it hard for us to enjoy them, if there aren’t some compromises.

And compromise is hard to find these days, too. During your stay, if you could keep an eye out for it, please let us know if you see it anywhere. We could sure use more compromise in a lot of areas. Not just one side giving in because the other side is being obstinate, but true compromise, where both sides get what they need, and as a result, everybody is better off.

And on that subject, you might notice that people aren’t as friendly to each other as you might have heard they’d be. That’s another thing that’s kind of gotten away from us recently. We’re kind of hoping you can help us come back together again like we’ve been before.

We used to be able to talk to each other civilly, and even have deep discussions about topics we were 180 degrees apart on. But we could talk about that issue, sometimes come to an agreement, but even more often remain divided on that topic, but still remain friendly to each other. Maybe you can help us bridge those divides.

Oh, and watch out for that stupid Coronavirus while you’re here. One of your predecessors set it loose during his time here, and we’ve had a heck of a time trying to get it wrangled since then. We’re kind of hoping you might have some ideas to help us. I think we made some progress just before you showed up, but we weren’t able to get it cleaned up before you arrived. Sorry about that.

The place isn’t as perfect as we’d hoped to have it for you, but welcome anyway. We’re glad you’re here. I hope we can have the place spruced up before you go.