WHP Investigates Zero Fatal Crashes Over Weekend

WHP    9-6, 2016

Wyoming State Troopers were busy over the Labor Day holiday weekend throughout the state. From September 3rd through September 5th, Troopers conducted 1,693 traffic stops. From those stops, six impaired drivers were arrested.

During the three day weekend, 73 total crashes were investigated by Patrol with none of them being fatal. 15 of the 73 crashes involved injury and 58 of the 73 involved property damage only. 191 motorists received assistance by Troopers over the weekend as well.

Troopers were primarily focused on identifying impaired drivers and other violations that impact highway safety such as nonuse of child and occupant restraints, speeding and other moving violations.

Patrol was partnered up with law enforcement nationwide over the weekend to increase highway safety and to reduce fatalities during the “August Crackdown on Impaired Driving” national campaign. Through the use of federal grant money, WHP Troopers were working overtime through the weekend as part of the national safety campaign.

During the Labor Day weekend in 2015, Wyoming experienced 122 crashes that resulted in 3 fatalities and 45 injuries.

Dispatchers with the Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatch Center also stayed very busy as they dispatched 2,955 events and fielded thousands of phone calls over the 2016 extended holiday weekend.

*The attached photo is from the multi-jurisdictional Labor Day weekend operation to enforce traffic laws and display high visibility law enforcement on Interstate 80 and other state highways and roads in Utah and Wyoming in Summit County, Utah and Uinta County, Wyoming. Agencies involved in the operation were the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the Evanston Police Department, the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office, the Utah Highway Patrol, the Park City Police Department and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.*