WHP to Continue Increased Presence on Teton Pass

WHP 3-13-17

The Wyoming Highway Patrol has taken steps to decrease the continued disregard of the trailer and overweight restrictions on Teton Pass (Wyoming State Highway 22) between Jackson, Wyoming and the Idaho state line for the remainder of the seasonal closure (April 1st). Multiple violations of these restrictions have led to unnecessary crashes, closures of the pass, and stranded motorists who were on the highway legally this winter.

Teton Pass has always been a priority for the WHP and steps have been taken to increase WHP patrols on the pass to include brining in additional Troopers from adjoining divisions. Troopers will be utilizing overtime to increase manpower on Teton Pass until the seasonal closure is lifted.

Long term, the WHP is working with WYDOT, the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, the Idaho State Police, and the Teton County Attorney’s Office to stop potential violators before they reach the pass and to follow up with violators who have already risked the safety of others by disregarding the signage. Violators could find themselves facing increased charges of careless or reckless driving.

While high impact enforcement continues to be the immediate focus, the WHP is actively working with WYDOT in the exploration of prevention strategies to mitigate the hazards of trucks and trailers on Teton Pass during the seasonal closure. These strategies include evaluating and upgrading the signage near Wilson, Wyoming that advises of the closure, utilizing weight sensors and license plate readers to notify authorities when a violation is occurring, and keeping GPS providers such as Google and Garmin up-to-date with the closure information to include the restrictions on their mobile applications.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol wants to remind all motorists to always visit www.wyoroad.info before hitting the road to check on road conditions, closures, and restrictions to make they sure they can reach their destination safely and legally.