Wild horse safari was a success

It was a tough winter up in Fremont County, but it didn’t wipe out all the wild horses in the area. I found a few on my trip up to the motherland last week.

I took a trip up to Riverton last week. It’s been too long since I’ve been back to my old home town. The main excuse for the trip was to take some prints up to Wind River Gallery to see if Scott would put them in his shop, and I was honored to have him choose a few to hang. On that note, please allow me to put in a little plug for Wind River Gallery. You need to get in there and see the incredible artwork on display. Not mine – Scott Shoening is a great artist himself, in addition to being the gallery owner. There also are a bunch of other great artists from the Riverton area whose works are hanging in the gallery.

Wild horse stallion band
With similar grulla coloration, I can’t help but think these four wild horse stallions are a band of brothers. Photo by Ty Stockton, Bobwire-S.com
Wild horse stallion
This old boy has seen some fights. Photo by Ty Stockton, Bobwire-S.com

And now that Scott has some of my prints in there, too, I need to get him some of my latest shots. That was the second excuse for the trip to Riverton. I wanted to see if I could find some wild horses.

My dad guided me on my quest, and he immediately found some horses for me to shoot. The first one was an old stallion who had no herd, and we sat and watched the old guy for a while. Then we moved on and found another bunch.

At first, I thought it was just a small band of three mares and one stud, but on closer inspection, it was a bachelor herd. The older stallion was scarred from one end to the other, but all four looked to be in good shape. It should be a good year for all wildlife, with the wet spring giving them plenty to eat.

It was incredible to be that close to four of these majestic beasts, and watch them do what horses do when left to their own devices. And I got some decent shots of them, too. Maybe someday soon, you can see a few of those shots in Wind River Gallery. I’m already planning my next trip to find more horses with my dad.