Wishing for a snow day

The folks at my day job are always wishing for a snow day this time of year, and I have to admit I’m wishing for one, too. But I probably want a day off for different reasons.

My day job keeps me inside most of the day at Laramie County Community College. It’s a fun job, but you know what they say … a bad day hunting’s better than a good day at work. I’d just like the chance to test that theory.

There’s just something about an educational institution that makes the people who work there hope for snow days. When I worked at the newspaper, there was no such phrase as “snow day.” Well, there was, but it just meant we’d have to plan to leave the house earlier in order to get to work on time. But sometimes, the college closes down due to the weather. And that’s what gives the staff and the students hope.

It gives me hope, too. Hope that one of these miserable, cold, windy, snowy days, we’ll get the call that there’s no school that day, and I’ll be able to go out and hunt some ducks and geese, instead.

The trouble is, if the weather’s bad enough for the college to be closed, it’s got to be absolutely horrible outside. But then, that’s when the best duck hunting is. So I’m hoping for one of those days to hit our area soon, so I can break out the Arctic gear and pull the 12-gauge out of the gun safe.

I’ll need to be prepared, so I’ve already dug all those warm layers out and packed them in my bug-out bag. Much to my wife’s annoyance, that giant bag is currently sitting right next to the front door, so I won’t have to hunt for it when opportunity knocks.

If I ever do get an unexpected day off, I’m prepared for the worst. I just hope the roads are still open, even if the college isn’t.


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