Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh


Dave Walsh 8 Jan’16

It’s home to the only herd of Desert Elk in Wyoming, and it’s the largest of its kind on the North American Continent, second in size in the world only to the Sahara Desert.  This Wonder of Wyoming is located north of Rock Springs, and it’s here, amid remains of volcanoes and flat-topped buttes that you’ll find Killpecker Dunes.

The constantly shifting sands of Killpecker Dunes extend eastward for 55 miles in a band that averages 2 to 3 miles wide, but sometimes reach a width of 10 miles.  They’ll cover a total of 38,650 acres and provide refuge for the only herd of Desert Elk in the Cowboy State.  The temperatures at Killpecker Dunes are extreme, with winter nights recording readings of 40 degrees below zero, and summer days reaching as high as over a hundred degrees.

Some of the dunes will reach 150 feet in height, at Killpecker Dunes, a constantly changing Wonder of Wyoming.