Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh

CONTINENTAL DIVIDEth photo courtesy of mappery.com

Dave Walsh 20 Jan ’16

It’s a geological phenomenon that cuts right through the Cowboy State.  It makes a diagonal cut right through the state of Wyoming.   It works its way across the mountains in the northwest corner, down to the center of the southern border.  It forms a geological barrier that separates waters flowing into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Most of the runoff created by this Wonder drains to the east, and into three major river systems:  the Columbia, the Colorado, and the Missouri.

More than 71% of Wyoming’s lakes, rivers, and streams drain into tributaries of the Missouri River, eventually reaching the Atlantic Ocean.  Most of the rest flow into the Columbia and Colorado Rivers, and gradually reach the Pacific.  And these destinations are all determined by the geological phenomenon that is the Continental Divide.

The Great Continental Divide actually stretches from Canada to Mexico, right through the United States, essentially dividing the continent of North America.  Hence the name.  Of course, our great state is smack dab in the middle of it.

The Continental Divide, an earthly Wonder of Wyoming.