Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh

POPO AGIEth photo courtesy of flickr.com

Dave Walsh 28 Jan’16
This Wonder is a picturesque National Wilderness, resplendent with hundreds of lakes and ponds.  It’s a natural Wonder, that covers almost 200,000 square acres in some of the most breathtaking mountain country in Wyoming.  The Bridger Wilderness is to the west, and the Wind River Reservation is north, 25 miles of the majestic Wind River Mountain Range lies within this Wonder’s borders, and it abuts the Continental Divide.

There are forests of lodgepole pine and Douglas fir, there are narrow valleys and canyons, and sheer granite walls.  But there are those spectacular mountains and their jagged peaks that set the most stunning sights in the Popo Agie Wilderness.

First established in 1932 as a “primitive area”, the Popo Agie Wilderness was reclassified as a National Wilderness in 1984.  There are peaks within the Wilderness that rise above 13-thousand feet, the lowest elevation here is the middle fork of the Popo Agie River at 84-hundred feet.  And to top it all off, you’ll find more than 300 lakes and ponds, at the Popo Agie Wilderness, a beautiful Wonder of Wyoming.