Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh

the holy cityth photo courtesy of Panoramio.com

Dave Walsh 1 Feb ’16

This Wonder’s silhouette is stunning, and resembles that of a sacred city in the Middle East.  It is said that it is born or fire and ice, created some fifty-million years ago by volcanoes.  It was an era of chaos and fury that formed this Wonder.
It stands high on a ridge between Cody, Wyoming, and the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  They are natural sculptures, and the silhouettes are astounding, in that they resemble the ancient city of Jerusalem.

The constant volcanic eruptions, each equaling the power of Mount St. Helens, left their mark of a thick, soupy mixture of rock and ash that would slowly cool.  And the runoff from streams and gullies carved and sculpted the unique rock formations at the Holy City.

Of course, the winds and the tiny bits of sand and dust helped in eroding the ridge into the city-like landscape.  That is the silhouette of a city made by the geological passage of time.  The Holy City, a natural Wonder of Wyoming.