Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh

Vedauwooth  photo courtesy of www.vedauwoo.org

Dave Walsh, 5 Feb ’16

Here are some fascinating formations, I guess you could call this Wonder “Wyoming on the Rocks”.  Its given name is Arapahoe, and it means “earthborn spirits”.  And it is here, in the altitude of Albany County, at a northern finger of the Rocky Mountains, where the rocks themselves come out of the ground.
It’s a mountaintop scene that is awe-inspiring, yes, even spiritual in its beauty, and definitely a spot where the earth takes center stage.  The forest gives way to the rocks, mounds of granite, at this particular Wonder.  “Earthborn Spirits”, Vedauwoo.

The rock collection has a million years of history, formed by ancient waters and constant weather.  Over the eons, there have evolved familiar faces like Seal Rock, Bison and Hawk Rocks the more flamboyant Loaf of Bread Rock, and Diamond Bone Rock.

Vedauwoo is a very popular recreation area these days, with a forested picnic area, with a perfect view of the rocks.  This Wonder provides hikers, rock climbers, and mountain bikers a perfect playground.  The land, just southeast of Laramie on Interstate 80, was once owned by Wyoming Governor B. B. Brooks in the 1890’s, but it will always belong to the “earthborn spirits”.

Vedauwoo, a spectacular Wonder of Wyoming.