Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh

coyoteth photo courtesy of youtube.com

Dave Walsh 15 March’16

They are famous for a lot of things, a symbol of the West, and a bother to livestock.  And when considering wildlife Wonders in Wyoming, the story has mostly been about reduction in numbers, and displacement by advancing civilization.

This Wonder goes against the common wisdom.  Rather than decreasing in number and being restricted to less and less land, this member of the canine family has used a terrific ability to adapt to almost any environment.  Whether moving across their range alone, in pairs, or in small packs, this Wonder isn’t slowed down by the trappings of modern man.  Fences as high as 8 feet can be jumped, and some members of this species have been seen climbing over fences as high as 14 feet.

It has a natural predator in these parts, but, as the gray wolf has been hunted down to the point of extinction, this adaptable animal has become that much more successful.  Because they are smart and learn quickly, they’ve come to acclimate themselves to populations of people.  In some instances, they’ve gone from being timid around settled areas, to becoming dependent upon the refuse of everyday human life.

And, by the way, they love cats, small animals, and yes, roadrunners.

The Coyote, a Wonder, a bother, and a fact of life in Wyoming.