Wonders of Wyoming, Dave Walsh


BEAR RIVERth Photo courtesy of roamingwyoming.wordpress.com

Dave Walsh 30 Dec ’15


Here’s a Wonderful spot, a Wyoming State Park along a stretch of a unique little river that is also a Wonder of Wyoming.  This Wonder is actually the smallest of Wyoming’s State Parks, covering about 300 acres along the banks of another Wonder of Wyoming, the meandering Bear River, which flows here in southwestern Wyoming, making its way on an unusual northern route to the Great Salt Lake.

At 400 miles in length, Bear River is the longest river in the Western Hemisphere that does not reach an ocean.  And here, covering just a small piece of the Bear River lies Bear River State Park.

There are local herds of bison and elk that come for a drink here at the Park, and the annual Bear River Rendezvous in late August held here is a step back to the region’s trapping heritage of the 1840’s.  Take Exit 6 off of Interstate 80, just out of Evanston, Wyoming, head north on Bear River Drive, the entrance is on the right, to Bear River State Park.  A scenic little Wonder of Wyoming.