WyoLotto Gives Back

WyoLotto 1-11-17

Funds from the Wyoming Lottery Corporation’s revenue were transferred to the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office on Jan. 9. Wyoming communities will benefit from those funds, which are distributed to Wyoming’s 99 cities and towns and 23 counties. WyoLottoTM has prioritized giving back to Wyoming, and in doing so, this will be its fourth transfer to the state.

Each quarter, WyoLotto transfers revenue to the Wyoming Treasurer’s Office, which is then distributed per state statute. The revenue transfer this quarter, totalling $633,708.99, brings WyoLotto’s total revenue transfer amount to $3,467,098.30 since April 2016.

Revenue transfers each year will be distributed by the State Treasurer to Wyoming’s cities, towns, and counties, which use these funds at their discretion for a range of local improvements. Should revenue transfers exceed $6 million in a fiscal year, those funds will be directed to the Wyoming Permanent Land Fund’s Common School Account.

WyoLotto offers four unique draw games to players including Cowboy DrawTM, Mega MillionsⓇ, PowerballⓇ, and the new Lucky for Life. With the introduction of Lucky for LifeⓇ, the state’s newest draw game, WyoLotto looks forward to building on the success that has made these transfers possible.