WyoLotto To Pay Off Start Up Loan Early

Record breaking lottery ticket sales have helped the Wyoming Lottery pay off its $2.6 million dollar start up loan earlier than expected.  Jon Clontz, CEO of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, says WyLotto took in more than $3 million dollars in ticket sales last week, and expects this week’s sales to be even higher because of the buzz surrounding the $1.5 billion dollar Powerball jackpot, and the $1.3 million dollar Cowboy Draw jackpot.  Clontz says the lottery’s loan was already down to $225 thousand dollars, and with this latest surge, they will be able to pay that off…




Clontz says the Wyoming Lottery has already saved about $900 thousand dollars for transfer to the state, which will eventually be split among cities, towns, and counties.  The Powerball jackpot wasn’t hit in Wyoming, but there were three $50 thousand dollar winners.

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