WyoLotto transfers $850K to Wyoming communities

WyoLotto   10-5-17

On Oct. 5, the Wyoming Lottery Corporation transferred $862,263.36 to the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office as a part of their ongoing effort to support Wyoming communities. WyoLottoTM has prioritized giving back to Wyoming, and these funds are distributed to Wyoming’s 99 cities and towns and 23 counties. This will be WyoLotto’s seventh transfer to the state.

Each quarter, WyoLotto transfers revenue to the Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office, which then distributes funds per state statute. The revenue transfer this quarter brings WyoLotto’s total revenue transfer amount to $5,537,337.94 since April 2016. Each quarter, WyoLotto’s transfer amount is determined from sales and total revenue, which fluctuates with the jackpots.

“This is a top priority for us as a corporation, and we value giving back to our great state,” said Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO. “Each quarter we get an opportunity to give back to Wyoming,” he added.

Revenue transfers are distributed each quarter by the State Treasurer to Wyoming’s cities, towns, and counties, which use these funds at their discretion for a range of local improvements. Starting July 1, the formula the state was using per statute changed; initial legislation mandated distributions be based on sales tax distribution, but distributions will now be based on percentage of lottery ticket sales for each county.

Prior to the passage of the new bill in the 2017 legislative session, if revenue transfers exceeded $6 million in a fiscal year, those funds would have been directed to the Wyoming Permanent Land Fund’s Common School Account. The new bill removed the $6 million measure, so all funds will now be solely directed to Wyoming communities. 

The additional funds from WyoLotto have benefited Wyoming in a time of declining economies and have boosted projects in communities like Laramie County, which has been able to infuse the Archer Complex project. For details on distribution amounts, please visit the State Treasurer’s Office website.

“The change in legislation is one we want to make sure Wyoming communities are aware of and prepared for, because it will impact how the distribution is broken down by the Treasurer’s Office,” Clontz added. 

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