Wyoming Child Support Program One Of The Best In The Nation

Wyoming’s Child Support Program (CSP) was ranked number one in the nation for the seventh consecutive year based on performance and federal standards. The CSP is managed by the Department of Family Services (DFS).

Maximus, a company that specializes in health and human services programs, compiles the data for all states and territories.  Then the North Dakota Child Support director calculates and determines the ranking.

“We believe this recognition as the nation’s number one performing program demonstrates Wyoming families are receiving the services they need, and parents are receiving their court-ordered child support” said Kristie Arneson, Economic Security senior administrator with DFS. “Those are always our goals.“  

“That is a tremendous support for those families, and helps them maintain a consistent, stable and secure living standard for their children,” continued Arneson. “What a great accomplishment.”

CSP goals include finding biological parents, establishing paternity, establishing child support and medical support orders, enforcing child support and medical support orders and modifying existing orders. The CSP also serves as a “pass through” by receiving and disbursing child support payments to custodial parents. 

Services are available to almost anyone who completes an application, with a $25 application fee. 

The federal child support performance measures are: The Number of Cases with a Child Support Order; Paternity Establishment; Collection of Current Support; Collection of Arrears (back-owed child support) and Cost Effectiveness. 

To learn more about the CSP, please go to their website at https://childsupport.wyo.gov/.