Wyoming companies make excellent gun accessories

I finally got my new scope, and now I’m dying to put it on the rifle it is intended for. But I have no idea when that rifle will arrive.

I recently became a life member of the Muley Fanatic Foundation, and one of the benefits of getting a life membership is a Weatherby rifle. I chose a .300 Winchester Mag, and I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of that new gun.

While I’m waiting, I am collecting all the goodies I am going to outfit that rifle with. I have a new sling to carry it, and I’m trying to decide on a forearm-mounted bipod to steady it in the field. There are several companies based right here in Wyoming that make bipods, including Thunderbeast, Wyoming Arms and Magpul.

It seems only fitting that all the extras I put on that rifle are from Wyoming companies, because the rifle will be built in Sheridan. With that in mind, I opted for a Maven scope for it. Maven is out of Lander, but there’s another great option for scopes out of Riverton, too. Lucid Optics, like Maven, makes excellent scopes, and they are much less expensive than other scopes of the same high quality. I was a Leupold fan for most of my life, but any Maven or Lucid scope beats even the upper-end Leupolds.

The problem with getting all these gun parts before I get the gun is that it makes me more impatient every day for the arrival of my new rifle. I’m even considering bolting the new scope on one of my older rifles, just to see how it shoots. I’m hesitant to do that, though, because that would mean sighting in the new scope on the old rifle, then sighting in the new rifle with the new scope and re-sighting the old rifle with the original scope again. And I just can’t justify using that much ammo right now.

So I’ll try to be more patient. But Weatherby, if you’re reading this, can you please hurry? I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

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