Wyoming Department of Education Announces Statewide Mental Health Services Connection Program

Superintendent Degenfelder and the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) announce Care Coordination, a free statewide service connecting Wyoming students, families, and school district staff with mental health care providers both locally and nationally. This resource will create the opportunity for improved mental wellbeing while keeping Wyoming parents in charge. The program also furthers the WDE’s strategic plan initiative to value and support teachers. 

“Mental and behavioral health of students was one of the top issues I heard about on the campaign trail, and it was an issue I promised to address. If our students are not physically or mentally well, we cannot expect them to learn,” said Superintendent Megan Degenfelder. 

“Parents are the number one decision maker when it comes to their child’s physical and mental health. Our role in education is not to take the place of parents, but rather to connect parents with as many resources and choices as possible so they have all the tools to best meet their child’s mental health needs. Care Coordination does exactly that. Parents can get help for their child quickly, effectively and on their own terms.” 

Not only does Care Coordination connect individuals with provider options, but it does so more efficiently and quickly. On average it takes an individual making 60 calls over four to five weeks to be matched with a mental health provider. With Care Coordination, individuals in need are typically matched with providers in under a week. This confidential and anonymous service will help those seeking care overcome the many barriers they experience such as language, long wait times, and insurance complexities. 

There are currently 24 school districts participating in the Care Coordination program statewide.The WDE has contracted with Care Solace, a trusted national provider to deliver these mental health care coordination services.

“The services of Care Solace have proven invaluable. The assistance in connecting families with vital mental health resources has demonstrably reduced stress for both our caring staff and families facing crisis,” said Craig Barringer, Superintendent at Sweetwater County School District #2.

For more information about Care Coordination, visit https://edu.wyoming.gov/for-district-leadership/health-safety/