Wyoming Highway Patrol Joins I-80/I-35 Challenge

courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol

By Staff 8-26,2015

In an effort to reduce serious injury and fatality crashes on our Nation’s interstate system, the Wyoming Highway Patrol will be participating in a multi-state traffic safety initiative that will be in effect August 28th through August 30th on Interstates 80 and 35.

The I-80 / I-35 initiative will place a strong law enforcement presence on Interstate 80 and Interstate 35. Interstate 80 transverses eleven states (including Wyoming), starting in California and ending in New Jersey. Interstate 35 transverses six states, beginning in Minnesota and ending in Texas. Both interstate systems serve as major transcontinental corridors covering over 4,400 miles of roadway.

The crossroads for both interstates lies in Iowa and the Iowa Department of Public Safety is leading this initiative. The focus of the program will be to address motorists and drivers of large trucks and buses who engage in risky driving behavior such as speeding, driving while impaired and not buckling up.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will be conducting high visibility patrols and providing education on safe driving while enforcing state statutes. Lieutenant Colonel Shannon Ratliff addressed the Patrol about the initiative stating “You have the ability to change peoples’ lives in the few moments you spend roadside enforcing state statutes. The difference we make will be measured in lives saved.”

Law enforcement agencies, including the WHP, hope their extra presence on these interstates will foster safe driving behaviors and therefore reduce excessive speeding, driver distraction, and impaired driving. If these goals can be attained, I-80 and I-35 will be safer. After all, zero fatalities is a goal we can all live with.