Wyoming Lottery May Hit $6 Million Goal

Lottery first transfer to State

Staff    4-13, 2016

The Wyoming Lottery made its first money transfer to the State this month of just over $1 million, which will be distributed to cities, towns and counties. By state law, anything over $6 million will go to education. Lottery CEO John Clontz said in the past he didn’t know if that lottery would reach that goal of $6 million, but he now says he is more optimistic. Clontz says that changes to PowerBall odds, which means bigger jackpots, more tickets are being sold.

Clontz adds that, with the addition of new multi-state games like Lucky for Life, and Wyoming-only games, the lottery is more likely to get to that $6 million mark.

The Wyoming-only Cowboy Draw game is currently over $1 million with the next drawing taking place tomorrow afternoon.