Wyoming Occupational Fatalities Increase to 34 in 2022

The Research & Planning section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services reported today that the number of occupational fatalities in Wyoming rose from 27 in 2021 to 34 in 2022 (an increase of seven deaths, or 25.9%).

Variations in fatalities from year to year are, to some extent, the result of the random nature of work-related accidents. Furthermore, there is not always a direct relationship between workplace fatalities and workplace safety. For example, suicides and homicides that occur in the workplace are included as occupational fatalities. Workplace fatalities are counted in the state where the injury occurred, not necessarily the state of residence or the state of death.

In 2022, 12 deaths occurred in transportation & warehousing (or 35.3% of all deaths). Eight deaths were reported in natural resources & mining (23.5%). Of those eight, five deaths occurred in agriculture, forestry, fishing, & hunting (14.7%) and three deaths occurred in mining, quarrying, and oil & gas extraction (8.8%). Construction accounted for three deaths (8.8%) and government accounted for three deaths (8.8%).   

Across all industries, more than half of 2022 workplace deaths (55.9%) were the result of transportation incidents. Transportation incidents include highway crashes, pedestrian vehicular incidents, aircraft incidents, and water vehicle incidents.