Wyoming Office of Tourism Partners with Sinclair Oil to Launch New Visitor Products

6-2, 2016

The Wyoming Office of Tourism announced today a co-marketing partnership with Sinclair Oil Corporation to reach Wyoming’s millions of annual visitors with planning tools and collectible stickers this summer. The partnership celebrates the centennials of both Wyoming’s iconic National Park Service sites and Sinclair while also paying homage to the Sinclair Dinosaur and the state’s numerous paleontology sites.

To highlight those experiences this summer, visitors have the opportunity to collect four unique stickers available starting today at Wyoming Welcome Centers throughout the state. The four stickers feature Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument and Wyoming’s paleontology history. Visitors can then redeem the back of any of the four stickers for a free coloring book and crayons at select Sinclair service stations throughout Wyoming.

These stickers have been added this year to the state’s widely successful “Great American Road Trip” sticker campaign, which encourages visitors to explore Wyoming and to collect stickers unique to various destinations and attractions.In addition, the partnership includes a custom map that highlights 18 of Wyoming’s paleontology related attractions and 24 Sinclair service stations. Visitors can use the maps to plan road trip routes throughout the state and stop by dinosaur-related museums, dig sites and trails along the way. Maps will be available at Wyoming visitor centers and Sinclair service stations.

“We are thrilled to honor two timeless brands in the National Park Service and Sinclair Oil while also benefiting our visitors with keepsakes to commemorate their trip to Wyoming in this celebratory year,” said Diane Shober, Executive Director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism. “It is our hope that visitors use this opportunity to further immerse themselves into the beautiful scenery and paleontological history that help shape an authentic Wyoming experience.”

“As a local company, we recognize the important role the tourism industry and visitors play in Wyoming. Our partnership with Wyoming Office of Tourism is an outstanding way for us to mark Sinclair’s centennial anniversary and that of the National Park Service,” said Jack Barger, vice president of Marketing and Supply of Sinclair Oil Corporation. “Sinclair stations are a welcoming stop for visitors as they travel around the state, and we’re proud of the role we play in the visitor’s experience.”

Wyoming has a long history with the National Park Service, as it is home to Yellowstone National Park, which was established in 1872 as the world’s first national park, as well as Grand Teton National Park and Devils Tower National Monument, the first national monument. Wyoming is the home to 36 NPS assets including parks, landmarks, monuments, trails and historic sites.

Please visit TravelWyoming.com/map for more information on participating Sinclair stations and sticker distribution locations.