Wyoming produces all your adventure needs

Wyoming is attracting more outdoor gear companies all the time, and we have a bunch of companies that have been here for years, too. I guess you can’t beat a state where you can build gear, then step right outside to test it.

Weatherby made lots of headlines when it moved to Sheridan, and Stag Arms did the same when it moved to Cheyenne. Magpul moved the manufacturing side of its operations to Wyoming, though the corporate offices moved to Texas, instead.

Those are just a few of the companies that have moved here over the last few years. We also have a number of home-grown outdoors companies. To name a few, there are Fremont Knives, Lucid Optics, Maven Optics, Thuderbeast Arms and HiViz Shooting Systems. Those companies have emerged over the last 10 to 20 years here, to join others that have been here longer, like Freedom Arms and Brunton. And there are more companies that make other outdoor gear, like backpacks, gloves, warm clothing, climbing gear, and more. I’m trying to compile a list of all those companies, and when I get it knocked together, I’ll share it with you so you can get just about everything you need for all your outdoor adventures from companies right here in the Cowboy State.

On that note, I’ve heard there’s a company that builds custom backpacks either already here or moving here. I hope to find them soon, because I want to get one for my wife for her birthday. I’m running out of time on that — her birthday is less than a week away. I know I won’t be able to get her the actual backpack by then, but since she’ll need to be measured and fitted for that pack, all I really need to do is find the company and let her know what I’m getting for her.

If that fails, maybe I’ll get her a Stag Arms rifle or a Freedom Arms pistol instead. I know how to find both of those companies, and they’re more fun than a backpack anyway, right?