You have a fire extinguisher, but you’re not expecting a fire …

Massad Ayoob is one of the most respected concealed-carry proponents in the United States. He recently had a few really good answers to questions about why he chooses to carry.

Many people see no reason for regular citizens to carry guns. But Massad Ayoob, a handgun trainer and concealed carry proponent, answered a few questions about carrying concealed.

When asked why he carries a gun at all, he quoted Kathy Jackson’s website at, where she said, “I carry a gun because I can’t carry a policeman.”

He quoted another great one-liner when asked why people who live in low-crime areas should trouble themselves with carrying guns. He said gun instructor John Farnam was teaching a course for policemen, when one officer asked him, “Hey, how often do you think cops get killed around here, anyway?” He answered, “Same as anywhere. Only once.”

Ayoob gets a little worked up when people start making irrational statements, such as, “You bloodthirsty gun people only carry weapons because you want a chance to hurt or kill someone!””

He says, on the contrary, we carry guns so we will be less likely to have to kill or cripple someone. It’s called ‘Peace Through Superior Firepower.’ ”

But probably his most powerful response comes with the statement, “You don’t have any right to carry guns anyway! The Second Amendment is about the National Guard, not personal protection!”

Ayoob makes a very good point when he says, “The Bill of Rights was framed shortly after the American Revolution. A National Guard in the time of the revolution would have been Tories loyal to King George and duty-bound to crush the American patriots. Do you really think this was what the framers intended to empower and enable?”