A must-see movie is in Cheyenne Thursday night

If you can, make your way to Cheyenne tomorrow night. There’s a movie playing at the Frontier 9 Theater you don’t want to miss.

If you’re serious about protecting your right to bear arms, you might want to find your way to Cheyenne tomorrow night to see “Targeted, Exposing the Gun Control Agenda,” a film and panel discussion that’s playing in selected theaters on one night and one night only.

The only theater it’ll come to in Wyoming is the Carmike Frontier 9 theater in the Frontier Mall in Cheyenne. I don’t know why it’s only going to be in that one theater in our whole state, and I honestly don’t know if there’ll be enough seats in that one theater.

The documentary starts at 7 p.m., and it’s going to be followed by a debate with experts representing both sides of the issue. There should be a ton of good insight into how we got to the point we’ve come to in the gun control debate. I expect there to be a fair bit of good information about some of the things we need to think about as Second Amendment advocates, too. If we have any hope of protecting our rights, we must listen to both sides of the argument. I’m glad the creators of “Targeted” are bringing both viewpoints to the table.

I do have to say it bothers me that it’s only going to be shown in one theater in the entire state. If it’s truly the direct-hit argument against gun control it’s touted to be, why isn’t it being shown in more theaters?

Hopefully, there will be another showing, or maybe it’ll even be available on the Internet, complete with the debate after it. But in case it really is the one-night-only event they’re saying it’ll be, do what you can to get to Cheyenne tomorrow.

To buy tickets ahead of time, go to TargetedTheMovie.com, and you can reserve your seat right now.


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