Coaching Staffs Complete for Shrine Bowl Football Game

by staff–9 Jan ’18

The Board of Directors and John Cundall, the Executive Director, of the Shrine Bowl of Wyoming are pleased to announce that the coaching staffs for the 45th annual Wyoming Shrine Bowl Football game to
be played June 9th, 2018 in Casper, at NCHS have been completed.

The head coaches for the respective North and South teams have picked these coaches to assist them
and they are very excited about the knowledge, integrity and experience each of these coaches will add to
the respective teams.

These staffs will now begin the task of selecting the 36 players for the game for each team. Those
participants will be announced at a later date after the selection process is completed.

South Coaching Staff:

McKay Young – Head Coach,  Star Valley,  3A
Nicc Crosby – Assistant Coach,  Star Valley
Jesse Blunn – Assistant Coach,  Cheyenne East,  4A
Cody Peacock – Assistant Coach,  Lyman,  2A
Brian Anderson – Assistant Coach,  Pine Bluffs, 1A
Jack Cobb – Assistant Coach,  Little Snake River, 6-man

North Coaching Staff:

Marty Wrage – Head Coach,  Greybull, 2A
Jeff Hunt – Assistant Coach,  Greybull,  2A
Steve Harshman – Assistant Coach,  Natrona County,  4A
Matt McFadden – Assistant Coach,  Cody, 3A
Larry Yeradi – Assistant Coach,  Wright,  1A
Boz Backen – Assistant Coach,  Hulett,  6-man