Disney Plus has some unexpectedly great shows

I’m not a big fan of the way Disney portrays hunters, but the entertainment giant has a few redeeming qualities. Its best move yet was to offer a free seven-day subscription to Disney Plus, which also includes the National Geographic channel.

I broke down and opted for the Disney Plus channel bundle over the Thanksgiving holiday. I figured with the Star Wars and Marvel channels, it would keep the kids out of my hair on those long, long days when they don’t have to go to school.

I didn’t realize I’d also find stuff for me to watch. Disney bought the Star Wars franchise a while back, and I’d forgotten about that. When I tuned in on Friday morning, I fed my inner nerd for a while browsing all the Star Wars movies and other shows I can now watch anytime I want.

But then I noticed Disney Plus also comes with the National Geographic channel. I knew immediately I could basically write off the rest of the day. Especially when I found that one of the shows on NatGeo is Wild Yellowstone.

Luckily for my Friday productivity, there are only two episodes of the program so far. But those two kept me riveted to the TV all morning. The videography is absolutely spectacular. I don’t know how they got the shots they got. They even had a shot inside a vole burrow. And the information the show gives about how the animals of Yellowstone survive the winters out there was incredible.

While I often pick up some tips on any nature documentary that are helpful for hunting, Wild Yellowstone isn’t as useful for that. Most of the animals it documented aren’t ones I hunt for, and it’s obviously about how these animals live in a place you can’t hunt, anyway. But even if I’m not finding ways to become a better hunter, I still love to learn about the animals that make Wyoming such an awe-inspiring place to live.

Get your Disney Plus free trial before it ends. Just make sure you do it when you have enough time to binge-watch Wild Yellowstone.