Dockstader endorses Senator Tara Nethercott as the next Secretary of State

Dockstader 7-6-22

As we move through the election process, I have found it important to elect a Secretary of State with the education and experience to take on the responsibilities of such an important office. That person is Senator Tara Nethercott.

“At this time, I am leaving the race for Secretary of State and giving my full endorsement to Senator Tara Nethercott,” Dockstader announced this week.

“In many instances Senator Tara Nethercott and I agree on topics related to ensuring safe and secure elections in Wyoming by working with 23 county clerks, in addition to maintaining a successful business division within the Secretary of State’s office,” said Dan Dockstader. “Her commitment to economic diversity, job creation and job retention will also be reflected in the Secretary’s business division.”

Senator Nethercott’s Wyoming roots run deep. She was born, raised, and educated in Wyoming. In recent years she has established a professional legal career. “Her experience as a practicing attorney will be priceless in all of the responsibilities associated with the Secretary of State’s Office,” Dockstader said.

That same experience has contributed to her success as a chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and as a member of the important Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions committee. She was also selected for the Capital Finance and Investments Committee and Blockchain Finance and Digital Innovation. Each committee is known for a heavy and demanding workload. She was successful on each committee.

As a Wyoming Senator she opened the door to bachelor’s degrees at Wyoming’s community colleges, provided mental health coverage for the state’s first responders, strengthened fraud control and the state’s antitrust laws. The Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway Highway was launched by Senator Nethercott.

“In every instance, I have watched her valued and respected comments well received in the Legislative process,” emphasized Dockstader. “She will bring that same experience to the Secretary of State’s Office.”

“In so many instances she is well prepared to take over the responsibilities of Wyoming Secretary of State,” concluded Dockstader “With that in mind I recommend you vote for Tara Nethercott as Wyoming Secretary of State.”