Keep your range bag ready to go

If you’re hoping to get away from all the craziness going on in the world, a trip to the shooting range is a good way to do it. It’ll take your mind off everything else for an hour or two, and you’ll get some good practice while you’re there.

Head to the shooting range this summer. You’re going to want to make sure your hunting rifles are all sighted in, and it’s a good idea to get some practice before the fall. The more you practice, the better you’ll be when hunting season comes around.

But if you’re like me, you’re going to forget something important every time you head to the range. I don’t know why I can never seem to remember everything when I go, because I seldom forget things when I go on an actual hunt.

Maybe that’s because I have a checklist, and I check it like an obsessive-compulsive when I’m preparing for a hunt. My hunting buddies always make fun of me for my checklists, but I’m never the one who forgets a sleeping bag, a cook kit, or the ammo for my rifle.

Maybe it’s time to make a checklist for the range, too. If I were to make one, I’d include the obvious things, like the gun I intend to shoot and the proper ammo for it. That may seem silly, but if you’re going to make a list, you might as well put everything on it.

Then there’s the other important stuff, like eye and ear protection, targets, sandbags and the spotting scope. I’ve actually forgotten my earmuffs a couple of times, and that’s no fun.

Other things are less obvious, but they ought to be included, too. Like a staple gun to put the targets up. Or target spots and a Sharpie to mark the holes you’ve already made. A multi-tool and screwdrivers could be handy, if you need to adjust something, and a pair of gloves help if you have to handle a hot firearm. And don’t forget a bag for your used brass.

Go get some practice and get away from the world for a while. Just don’t forget anything.