Don’t call in sick — call in fishing

It’s starting to get a little green outside. It won’t last long, so get outside and enjoy the green season.

Take a look around next time you step outside. If you’re in your vehicle right now, slow down and look at the scenery.

It’s about to start looking a whole lot different.

It’s already starting to get a bit green outside. The late snowstorms brought spring moisture with them. The trees that are little more than bare sticks today could be turning bright green tomorrow.

I don’t mean to sound sappy or touchy-feely, but this is a time of renewal. The browns and golds will be replaced by various shades of green as the dominant colors in a few weeks. Maybe even sooner than that.

I can’t even guess how many people call in sick when the trees start to leaf out and the prairie grasses turn green. I don’t think it’s a total lie. In my opinion, spring fever is as real an ailment as the flu. And the only known treatment is a day on the lake or river bank.

Between now and summer, you can bask in the beauty of the spring. The fish’ll bite all day, and you won’t have to worry about heat stroke.

But don’t lie to your boss, either. Tell the truth. Tell your employer that you’re battling a case of spring fever. Instead of calling in sick, call in fishing.

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