Help a kid get a turkey this year

Nothing feels as good as seeing a youngster smile and knowing you brought that smile to his or her face.

If you know a young person who is dying to go hunting, take that critter on a turkey hunt this spring. As long as that youngster has a hunter education card, he or she can hunt turkeys.

The young hunter will have to have a turkey license and a conservation stamp to hunt, so make sure you get those before you go. You can get your licenses and stamps online at or at a license selling agent.

While you’re out in the field, use the trip as a chance to teach hunting ethics. Follow all the rules on your hunt. Be a good example for the young hunter. Your actions will speak much louder than your words. The only way that child will have the opportunity to teach the next generation to hunt is if today’s hunters abide by the laws and use good judgement.

But don’t forget to have some fun. Point out the other species of wildlife you see. Take the long way back to the vehicle and show Junior more country.

Even if you don’t get a turkey, make sure the trip is enjoyable. So get your son or daughter, or a friend or relative’s youngster and head for the hills.