Don’t forget Fido this Christmas

While you’re checking off items on your Christmas list, make sure you haven’t forgotten your best friend. You need to include Fido in your gift-giving.

While you’re exchanging gifts on Christmas morning, you might glance over and notice your most faithful friend giving you those sad puppy-dog eyes. That’s just the sort of thing that can put a damper on an otherwise jovial celebration. Don’t let it happen to you this year.

While you’re finishing up your Christmas shopping, make sure you have a couple things on the list for your hard-working hunting companion. Pick up a few bumpers to give your pooch something less grungy and grimy to retrieve in your training sessions. You could pick up some pheasant or grouse scent to make those sessions a little more interesting and meaningful, too.

But you might want to get something to keep your pup occupied while the rest of the family is swapping presents. I found a great thing at one of the local feed stores last week, and I’m sure my golden retriever will love it. It’s called a Quado, and it’s a chew bone with four limbs. At any given time, three of those legs are on the ground, leaving one sticking straight up in the air. Your dog can roll it, flip it, and chew it. I was looking for a wishbone-shaped Nylabone, but I can’t find those anywhere anymore. The Quado is the next best thing.

My retriever had a wishbone Nylabone a few years ago, and she loved it. She could work it around with her paws, and because she liked it so much, it didn’t last long. The Quado ought to last longer, because it’s huge. In fact, on the package, it lists the size as Ginormous.

Grab a few treats to keep your dog happy, while you’re at it. My dogs love the Science Diet Simple Essentials treats, and those goodies also help keep their teeth clean and their coats soft.

And when the treats and chew bones are handed out, just give that dog some attention. Make sure his Christmas day is merry.