Here are a few more gift ideas for the outdoorsperson on your list

Last week, I gave you some ideas for some stocking stuffers for the outdoorsperson on your list, but I have even more ideas for you, if the first batch wasn’t what you had in mind.

It’s stocking stuffing season again, and I freely admit I’m terrible about finding stuff to stick in stockings. I’m determined to do a better job of it this year.

And while I’m out there trying to find what to cram in my wife’s sock, I figure I’ll try to help you with your stocking stuffers list, too.

I spent a couple hours in the Cheyenne Sportsman’s Warehouse one day last week, looking for small gifts outdoorsy types would like. It didn’t take long for me to realize my problem in the past wasn’t that there aren’t good stocking gifts available, it was that I just didn’t apply myself to finding them.

For instance, who wouldn’t want a headlamp? Most of the headlamps ranged from 100-lumen models for about $25 to super bright 500-lumen ones for about $100. Some of the new, fancy ones can be charged with a USB cord, too. Those were a little more expensive, though. A good stocking stuffer one is the Inova STS, which runs about $30.

Then there are the Gear Ties. These things rock. I have a huge assortment of these, and I used one just the other day to keep the zippers on my backpack closed when we went to get our Christmas tree. Gear Ties are like high-zoot twist-ties, and they can be reused countless times. No stocking should be without Gear Ties this Christmas. You can get an assortment pack for about $24, or specific sizes and colors for anywhere from $4 to $10 for each pack.

And I would be in trouble with Bob from the Hunting department at Sportsman’s Warehouse if I forgot to tell you that handguns are perfectly stocking-shaped. And he’s right. I hope there’s a Kimber Micro 9mm in my stocking this year.