Don’t take the New Yorker’s advice on town quality

Yesterday I told you about a blog that urged travelers to avoid Yellowstone because it gets too crowded. Right after I read that story, I saw another one that complained that Wyoming towns aren’t crowded enough.

I ran across a post on Facebook last week that included a link to a story from the New Yorker that listed the worst towns to live in. One of the towns it ran down was Green River.

It immediately got my dander up, but then I got to thinking, hey, so what if a bunch of city people think there’s nothing to do in Green River. Or anywhere else in Wyoming, for that matter. They can all stay where they are, and leave our wonderful cities alone.

But the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. Sure, Green River doesn’t have the night life or the cultural attractions of New York, Los Angeles, or even Denver. But does it really need those things? If you live in Green River and want to see some big theatre production, you can truck over to Salt Lake City. You probably won’t ever get to see Garth Brooks or Adele in Green River, but big-name musical artists have shows you can get to if you want to see them, so do they really need to play right there in your town?

Besides, that’s not really the point. Contrary to what the writer of that story had to say, there’s plenty to do in and around Green River. You can fish the Flaming Gorge. You can explore Adobe Town. You can float the river. Hunt the Red Desert. I could go on and on.

Let those New Yorker readers think there’s nothing to do in Green River. We don’t need them, anyway. We’d rather have people who appreciate the wonders of nature – wonders that exist mere minutes from the center of town in places like Green River. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a hike in the woods over a black-tie dinner any day.