Emerging as a Top Target

photo courtesy of University of Wyoming athletic department

by Keith Kelley–18 Apr ’24

Wyoming junior wide receiver Jaylen Sargent continues to garner a lot of attention during spring practice. But that’s not new for him. Over the last couple of offseasons and fall camps, Sargent’s name has emerged. But, it’s never carried over the field during the season. He’s caught three balls over the last two years, but Cowboy first-year head coach Jay Sawvel says he’s in a really good place right now.

“Jaylen Sargent is on a good streak right now,” said Sawvel. “I think he’s in a good place mentally, doing what he’s supposed to day after day. He’s in a really good spot and he’s making some plays.”

Sargent would agree, as he says he’s in a good spot mentally. The lack of playing time has motivated him, and he wants to get better and produce for the Pokes. But, he keeps his mindset the same.

“Everyday, I always try to think with a mindset of trying to grow,” said Sargent. “Even if I have a bad practice one day, you just have to go in and fix your mistakes and get better the next day.”

The Cowboys are back on the practice field this (Thursday) afternoon in Laramie, for spring practice number 11 of 15.