False posts about guns need to be flagged

The big squawk on the social media channels lately is misinformation. And now they’re attaching misinformation labels to posts deemed not entirely correct. I wish they’d apply them to ALL misinformation.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just about all other mainstream social media sites are now putting misinformation labels on posts that don’t give the whole story. I understand the need for these labels, but if they’re going to use those, they should apply them to all the posts that put forth false information and try to pass it off as fact.

They should start slapping those labels on just about any of the posts they still allow that have to do with firearms. I saw one the other day that had some guy holding a sign that had a circle that was about 4 inches in diameter, and the sign said the circle represented the size of the hole made by an AR-15. Under it, the sign said, “why would you need this?”

Um, wrong, dude. On multiple levels. First of all, as anyone listening to this show probably knows, a hole made by an AR-15 can be a variety of sizes. The AR-15 comes in several different calibers, but none of them make a hole bigger than a quarter of an inch. And secondly, even if it does make a hole that big, who is that guy with the sign to question what I need? Obviously, that wouldn’t be much good for hunting, because it wouldn’t leave much meat to put in the freezer. But if I could afford a gun that made a four-inch hole, I’d buy one. That guy probably has a fire extinguisher that would put out a magnesium phosphate fire, but I doubt he’d ever need that.

I’ve been submitting misinformation label requests to Facebook for all these anti-gun posts, but I have yet to see one actually get applied. I’ll keep trying. If they want to make sure all false statements are addressed, they have to label those ridiculous claims about firearms, too.