Get away from this pandemic and go hunting

I’ve written about several ways you can overcome the frustrations of this pandemic this week, but there’s one more option available to you, and it might be the best way of all to forget your troubles, if only for a little while.

If this pandemic is getting on your last nerve, you’re not alone. It’s keeping a lot of people from working, and those who are working are busier than they’ve ever been. It’s time to take a break from the insanity it’s causing and get away from what civilization has become.

As I mentioned earlier this week, you could go fishing, or you could wander out into the wilds to find things to take pictures of. You could take your favorite rifle out to the range and get a little recoil therapy. Or you could take advantage of the wild turkey hunting season and get the best nature therapy possible.

A general license for wild turkeys is valid in all the hunting areas, and the season runs through the end of May. That means you have four more weekends to hunt, along with all the weekdays between those weekends, if you have the time. Listening to the clucks and purrs of the birds, and the gobbles of the toms, will make you forget all your other worries. And if you lure one within range, all the better.

Be sure you have some rain gear with you, though. It’s springtime in Wyoming, which means you’re going to get wet. And don’t forget the tire chains, because most of the places you can find turkeys in the state are also places you will find mud on the roads you’ll need to use to get to them.

And take the fishing gear and the camera, too. If you get your bird early, stay out there and do some fishing or find some interesting things to take pictures of. Give yourself plenty of excuses to stay away from civilization as long as you can.

Nature certainly has healing properties. And with all we’ve been through in the last few months, we could use all the healing we can get.